April 27 2011 - Photo Jottings

April 27 2011


New recommended accessories page, and lens review page changes.

I posted a second recommended product page, this time for accessories, like filters, flashes and other handy items, both pages are listed on the nav bar and right column on the homepage. I also added a few new items to the recommended cameras and lenses page, like the Vivitar 7mm fisheye, which I bought, and the Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8, which is a great buy for people interested in optical quality only.  Most items on the recommended pages I own, and use on a regular basis.  I’m pretty “thrifty” myself, so the items also offer a good value in addition to being a genuinely useful product.  I’m going to add another page in the near future, which will highlight my favorite interior/real estate photography related equipment, somewhat like this page, but with only the items listed.

The lens reviews page has been updated using three columns instead of two.   The NEX lenses are listed separately at the bottom left, and all the after-market lenses like Tamron and Sigma are on the top right.  Additionally, the lens comparisons and related articles are now listed in the lens articles and comparisons page.

New recommended accessories page
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