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Sony NEX 50/1.8 OSS review

The Sony NEX 50mm F/1.8 OSS lens is a welcome addition to the NEX family, producing sharp images with good contrast at nearly all apertures, very smooth bokeh, and almost no distortion.  While there isn’t really much to dislike about the lens, there are a few qualities I’d like to see improved.  One, the reproduction ratio is a little low, so you can’t focus very close.  The other thing I noticed right off is; I see a somewhat high amount of axial color fringing, (occurring all over), but that kind goes away as you stop down, and isn’t so noticeable in low light.  I’d consider the color fringing issue to be minor to moderate depending on how picky you are.  Landscape shooters using smaller apertures (F/5.6-8) should not be bothered by this, or people shooting in low-light with limited DOF.  Check out the review to see if it meets your demands!
If you’re wondering how this lens compares to Sony’s AF 50mm F/1.4; be advised the Sony NEX 50mm F/1.8 OSS will out-perform it in almost all areas, check out this indoor, controlled comparison.
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