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Sony NEX 30/3.5 macro review   

The newest Sony NEX lenses have been very impressive so far; including the spectacular, but expensive CZ 24/1.8, the inexpensive 50mm prime reviewed a couple of weeks ago, and don’t forget the nice 55-210mm zoom. Unfortunately, Sony’s hot streak has come to an abrupt end with the new 30mm F/3.5 macro lens.  It’s not that
it’s a bad lens, it just isn’t very impressive.
If you want a true macro lens, and don’t mind using manual focus, along with a working distance of about an inch at the max reproduction rate, then go for it.  If you’re looking for a small sharp prime as a walk-around lens in this focal length, I’d look elsewhere, like the kit (18-55mm) lens.
With that said, there are a few good qualities to mention; like the lack of distortion, light fall-off and a good macro shot.   Well, after all, it is a real macro lens, and it does a good job at close focus, but you probably won’t be able to achieve a 1:1 size in the field, especially when you have to get so close to the subject.  Sony didn’t include OSS (optical SteadyShot) inside for some reason, maybe they had a certain price point in mind.  Without OSS, there will be more camera shake and fuzzy pictures, which may be really noticeable when shooting close to the subject.
Head to the review and see if the Sony NEX 30/3.5 macro meets your needs. 
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