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Sony NEX-7 review

The NEX-7 turned in a great performance, especially when using high quality lenses, like the just reviewed CZ 24/1.8.  With that combo, the resolution is almost unbelievable!  Check out the review, and make sure you read the bottom part; that’s where all the good info is; the rest is basically an owner’s manual quick-start guide.

For those of you curious about how the A900 with an equivalent FF lens like the Sony 35/1.4 G would do against the NEX-7 and CZ 24/1.8; sorry, no contest, the NEX would wipe the floor with the A900-35/1.4, although that’s a hard jab at Sony’s full frame commitment more than anything else.  A good portion of Sony’s FF lenses are Minolta designs from the mid to late 1980s.

If Sony improves the AF speed on the NEX-7 or subsequent models to good phase detect levels, you can toss your DSLRs in the trash can, I know I will.

B&H photo is getting unannounced small shipments of NEX-7 cameras on a regular basis, so if you want one you may as well order it now.  As always, you can return it if you don’t like it, or in the current market, sell it for at least what you paid for it, or possibly more. 

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