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Zeiss Batis 25mm F/2 resolution set with crops.

Here is a resolution set to check out before the full review is ready.  Not a whole lot of differences to show for the Zeiss Batis 25mm F/2; the whole image is pretty sharp at F/2, with the corners slightly dark, but are bright and sharp at F/4. The lens is maxed out resolution-wise at F/4, which is great!  The bottom yellow flowering Palo Verde trees are not within the depth of field at wide apertures, so don’t pay any attention to that part of the image for this test.  Camera used: Sony A7R, RAW and  converted to jpegs.  Please note: mobile devices most likely will not show the full quality of the images.

Click buttons for full size versions.


Here is a comparison with the same subject at three different locations in the frame; center, mid-section and corner. In this case, it was the right lower mid-section and corner.

Center Mid-section Corner
Center Mid-sections   Corners

I should have the Zeiss 25mm F/2 full review done in a week or less, so check back soon!

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