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New Sony A9, does it take good pictures?

Sony today announced a new mirrorless camera, and a new series! The Sony A9 offers a lot for action and video shooters, with a touch screen and super fine 3.6m resolution viewfinder.  The new camera is not really geared towards my use as an interior photographer, but there are some features here that I hope will be in the next new Sony ILCE release.

Good things; nice EVF, one more custom button, touch screen (not really for me), dual card slots, 24mp sensor, (less is better I hope), longer lasting battery, silent shutter.

Bad things; all new NP-FZ100 battery, (I have 5 NP-FW50 for my A7R, that’s $400 for new batteries!!), flash sync 1/250th, (when will we get the old pro standard of 1/500th?), was hoping for an articulating screen like the A99/77, Sony SURE price of $4500!!  That old A7RII looks pretty good now.

Looks like a nice camera, and I hope it takes good pictures for fast action pro shooters.

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