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Updates to recent film camera reviews

I’ve decided on a standard aperture test scene for the camera reviews; it’s the mountain scene above.  I like it in that is shows different levels of detail, and it lowers the probability of focusing errors as the distance is usually at infinity, and that particular focus setting is easy to test for accuracy.

The Olympus 35 SP has been updated with the new test scene; the old ones were from color reversal film, (Fuji Velvia 100), and I didn’t like the way they looked when I took them just before sunset.  The new pictures really show the details much better, and the lens seems even more impressive now; I know that’s probably hard to believe, but it’s true, check it out yourself.

Both the Fuji GSW690III, and GW690III reviews have been updated as well with the mountain test scene, and I’ve included a few additional details as a result of further use; plus I tweaked the specifications section to match up better with the current review format.

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