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A quick comparison between 135 and 6×9 film

Here’s a quick comparison of the resolution between two excellent fixed lens cameras, the Olympus 35 SP, and the Fuji GW690III.  Both cameras have the same aspect ration, and about the same coverage and depth of field, that’s why this comp will have some value if you want to know the quality you’ll need for large print sizes.  Of course there are other differences between the two films sizes other than just resolution potential, but this is just a quick write up until I dedicate a post to the subject.

The Olympus 35 SP has a 42mm lens, and uses 135 cartridge film, known by hobbists as “35mm” film, which isn’t actually 35mm for the imaging area, but that’s for another post.  Image area is about 24x36mm

The Fuji GW690III has a 90mm lens and uses 120 roll film, with a size known as 6×9, but it isn’t actually 6x9cm, that’s also for another post.  Image area is about 56x83mm

Both lenses are widely known to be extremely sharp, and have very similar coverage areas; the Fuji would be about 40-41mm converted to 135 format, so it’s at a slight disadvantage for this comparison.

To sum up the two images quickly; I’m actually surprised at the Olympus 35 SP, it holds up pretty well for having such a small negative, and of course is a much smaller and handier camera.  However, if large prints are you you are looking for, the Fuji really shows much more detail than the Olympus.  The most significant difference as far as I’m concerned between the two is not so much the resolution, but how much cleaner the Fuji is at large sizes; it’s very obvious in the crops.

A big plus for people who only print 8×10″ or smaller is that you can carry a much smaller and less expensive camera like the Olympus 35 SP, and the pictures look the same as a camera with a much larger negative, like the Fuji GW690III.  Just between you and me; I’d rather carry the Oly for most of my photo excursions.


Technical aspects for the comparison:

Olympus original image is 4000×2667, the Fuji is 9000×6000.  The Fuji film negative is over 5 times the area as the 135 negative used in the Olympus.  The Olympus crop has been upsized to match the Fuji.

The time of year is different by about a month, but the time of day is pretty close; you can see this in the foliage and shadows.  The Fuji was taken in March, the Olympus in April.

The Olympus shot was taken at F/8, and the Fuji GW690III at F/11.  Tripod used, no filters. Kodak Ektar 100.

Crops below.

Olympus crop from center.

Fuji crop from center.


Here are the original files where the crops were taken from. Click for full size images.

Olympus 35 SP, F/8.  4000×2667.

Fuji GW690III at F/11.  9000×6000.

That’s it for this quick comparison!

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