October 12 2008 - Photo Jottings

October 12 2008


Get ready for the running review of the Sony A900.  I’ve been tinkering with it a little bit, and have decided to incorporate the first full frame results in the 28mm F/2 lens review, do up soon, though it might be a little later than I promised.  Of course I’ll be updating most of the lens reviews with full frame information, except the “DT” lenses over the next couple of months.  The review page is up, but I only have some product shots with comparisons to the Sony A900 right now, check back for updates.

Here are some initial thoughts on the A900; the mirror slaps pretty hard, and sounds more like a big Konica Minolta maxxum 5D-7D, instead of the dull sounding A700.  You can also feel the camera “quake” when the mirror actuates.  No big deal though.  The viewfinder is nice, about the same as a Maxxum 7000, but not as much distortion, that’s good.  In the hand it feels much the same as the A700, but if you have long fingers, the grip isn’t as comfortable as the A700, which is deeper than the A900, odd.  The “DT” lenses seem to work fine, just remember to use the guides on the screen.  At wide angle, there is massive vignetting with these lenses, but it’ll crop this out automatically.  Telephoto seems fine.  Lenses seem to fit much tighter to this body, though I’ve changed lenses a thousand times on the A700, so it could be worn slightly, but I don’t remember
it being so tight fitting even when brand new.  Weather sealing doesn’t appear to be any more substantial than the A700.  Intelligent preview is pretty neat, but if you make changes, you have to go back in the menu and switch it to where you had it before, there’s no quick way out.

Everything in the box is the same as what comes with the A700; remote, shoulder strap, cords, battery, charger etc.  The only different items are the new versions of Image data converter SR (vs 3.0), and Picture motion browser (vs 3.2.01).

You may have also noticed the new picture on top.  I’m now officially kurtmunger.com, though I haven’t been crawled yet.  I’m pointing newcamerareview.com to this site, so there shouldn’t be any change on your favs link.  I did it because I don’t really do many camera reviews, so using the new name will open me up to a more general site, at least in my mind.
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