New Zeiss FE lens - Photo Jottings

New Zeiss FE lens

Zeiss officially announces the Zeiss Batis 135mm F/2.8 for the Sony FE system, and will nicely compliment three other Batis lenses, the 18/2.8, 25/2 and 85/1.8.  I’ll be reviewing the 25/2 next, along with the Rokinon 24/1.4, look for some full size samples mid-month.

The Zeiss 135/2.8 is rather large for a ‘2.8’ prime, but not too heavy at 613g.  I wonder how it compares to the CZ 135/1.8 I raved about years ago for the ‘a’ mount.  Of course both of the lenses will work fine on  FE camera bodies, but the CZ 135/1.8 will need a Sony adapter for mounting and focusing, and I would not be surprised to see an ‘FE’ version coming from Sony soon.

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