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Let’s stroll through a camera store…in 1938!

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Come on in and check out our folding and box cameras, enlargers, splicers and photographic publications, especially the ones on the top shelf.  While you’re here, don’t forget that post card Kodak 122 film, or maybe a roll film developing kit?

This wonderful Moulin studio image was taken inside a Camera Craft store in San Francisco, CA on April fools day 4/1, 1938 for Mr E.R. Young.  I bought this 8×10″ Defender Safety base negative and scanned it on an Epson flatbed scanner.  Amazing how sharp the image is using 80 year old technology; you’d be hard pressed to get more resolution from a modern day high end digital camera.

As I look at the products for sale back then, I’m reminded that I own quite a few of them now, my collection contains many of the folding cameras you see on the shelves in the back, and the Kodak Rangefinder, extinction meters, filters etc in the display cases below the cameras.

Check out the oversize folder with clock in the middle above the door.  I also love the beam ceiling and wood floors.

I’m displaying this one in super hi-res, over 7756 x 6148, that’s about 48MP, and I added a watermark just for a little safety.

Check out another photo of this camera shop (taken same day) from my favorite site, Shorpy.

Hope you enjoyed the trip back to the olden days of 1938!

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