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Minolta AF 300mm F/4 update


The Minolta AF 300/4 (review here) is a very capable lens; it’s sharp, and maxed out in resolution at F/4 for normal shooting, and F/5.6 for test charts.  Sony doesn’t currently offer any long telephoto primes for the ‘e’ mirrorless system, but you can get the exceptional ‘a’ mount Sony 300/2.8  (review here) for a mere $7500, not counting the ‘a’ to ‘e’ adapter!   The Minolta AF 300/4 is a great alternative to the super expensive F/2.8 SSM model, and significantly less expensive (more than a grand less) than the ‘a’ mount 70-400mm or FE 100-400mm telephoto zoom, plus, the 300mm is a stop faster; however, not quite as long.  There are a few optical quality differences in the prime and zoom, so check out the 300mm comparison page if you’re interested.

The Minolta AF 300/4 will accept Minolta and Sony teleconverters too, although I do not recommend them for this lens as stated in the comparison page.  Current eBay prices for the lens range anywhere from approximately $750 to $1250 depending on model and condition.

I managed to find a few full frame test images from the Minolta AF 300/4 I reviewed back in March of 2010.  I have quite a few test photos (only crops posted) taken with the APS-C Sony A700, but only a few with the Sony A900, so I’m adding them. I’ve updated the review with the test shots and additional recommendations.

Test shots From Sony A900 below, this is all I have, sorry.  The focus was on the house, the bottom and top of the image is not within the depth of field at these apertures. These full size pictures are an addition to the original review, and were not intended to be shown in their entirety.

F/4 F/5.6 F/8 F/11

Click yellow buttons for full size versions.

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