May 22 2009 - Photo Jottings

May 22 2009


The new Sony 70-400mm F/4-5.6 review is ready for scrutiny.  It’s a long one, partly because I threw in a bonus section which includes tele-converter use and recommendations, also some comparisons with the 70-300mm, at 300mm.  I also show how it stacks up against the Sony 500mm reflex lens when I upsize the 70-400mm image to match the 500mm length.  It’s quite surprising!

This new lens also features a new color used by Sony.  It’s SonySilver® not just the old Minolta silver, which has a slight gold tint.  Being an expert observer (which doesn’t pay much), I’ve noticed at least six different finishes applied to Sony lenses, the tele-converter and “G” white (1), the Carl Zeiss black (2), which has a courser texture and duller finish than the black smooth lenses (3), such as the re-branded Konica Minolta lenses, also remember the weird texture and color of the (4) 35mm F/1.4 G, and the new “G” dull black finish (5) as we see on the 70-300mm G, and lastly, (6)
the new SonySilver®
Coming up next is the diminutive, yet delightful Minolta AF 100mm F/2 review.
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