May 10 2010 - Photo Jottings

May 10 2010


Eh, better late than never right!  I work during the day (mostly) so I can’t update stuff ’til the evening.  Sony pulls the cloth off their newest camera system, calling it NEX, with a new mount, this time an “E” to go along with the “A.”  The next one will have to be an “I” am I correct?  As I gaze at the pretty pictures, and specs, I’m thinking this may be a really good alternative to the “to big for comfort” current DSLR systems.

The reviews are pretty good, and it seems Sony may finally have a better noise reduction process than past models.  Go here for a good ISO comp.
Weird, but the lenses don’t seem all that small, in fact, the 18-200mm specs indicate it’s larger than the current “A” mount lens.  The “E” mount kit 18-55mm is slightly smaller than the current kit lens.
I’ll have a review of the NEX-5 when it becomes available, along with most of the accessories below.  It’s supposed to be released in July.
Comes with small, add-on flash.
Not shown is a small black body cover.
I see an add-on, 5 element glass optical viewfinder, cost not available yet.
Stereo mic with wind screen.
16mm F/2.8 pancake lens, equivalent to 24mm, costs $250 separately.
Fisheye lens attachment, 4 element (0.62x) for 16mm above, equaling 15mm.  No price yet but I’ll bet it’s $150-$200.
Wide angle attachment (0.75x) for 16mm above, for an equivalent of 18mm wide, probably will cost about the same as above.
Kit lens 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6, about the same size as the current “A” kit lens.  Costs $300 if purchased separately.
Zoom 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 actually larger(!) than the current “A” mount lens, costs about $800 coming in the fall.
Lens adapter for “A” mount.  Will not support AF with either screw drive or SAM/SSM.  Has tripod mount on bottom.
Sony NEX with accessories, items not to scale
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