May 10 2010 - Photo Jottings

May 10 2010



Gila woodpecker flying out of nest in Saguaro cactus.  This image was taken with the Sony 70-400mm @400mm F/5.6.  Obviously, I could’ve used more focal length here to make this a decent shot, but I’m not posting this image because of the overall image quality, I’m attempting to draw your attention to the background on either side of the cactus.  If people just saw the left side of the image, some might conclude the background blur or Bokeh of this lens is “super smooth,” or “creamy” or some such term.  In fact, when I speak of background blur, I’m talking about the character of out-of-focus highlights, not simply how out-of-focus the background is.  On the right side of this image, (closer than the left side) we see some not so smooth out-of-focus highlights, the result of light showing through tree leaves just behind the cactus.  The left side is simply rendered smooth by being way out-of-focus.  There is a difference.  Go here to find out more.


I’ve put February and March homepage entries into the home page archives.  If you saw something you liked in those months, or other months, you’ll find it in the archives.

Taken with Sony 70-400mm @400mm F/5.6
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