March 6 2010 - Photo Jottings

March 6 2010


I wasted another part of my busy day to try and stop the incessant sob stories by non-believers of some results from this comp review, also see the 1/5/10 homepage entry.  Below are yet more crops between the Tamron and Sony 28-75mm lenses at 75mm, from the centers.  I did this seventh, (or eighth?), and believe me(!) final comparison as a peace offering to the few cry babies out there who couldn’t accept the multiple comps I provided at 75mm.
The source of anger was that the Tamron was sharper than the Sony at wide apertures when zoomed to the long end, like 75mm.  The unknowledgeable people tried to claim I waited too long between doing the test shots, resulting in an unfair advantage for the Tamron because of shadow detail at the pixel level coming from the house block mortar joints with the sun at a higher angle etc.  So, I corrected the time issue as much as possible, and made sure the exposures looked the same.  The
elapsed time for the test shots below came to 00:05:42 from the first shot of the Sony to the last shot of the Tamron. I also show in the crops the subject (transformer, light) and the distant background so you can tell I focused both properly, and didn’t rely on DOF to sharpen things up.  This time I didn’t use a white subject (like the house), which highlighted the Sony axial color fringing at wide apertures, but still slightly visible in the Sony shot below.  I guess the results
here (again) validate my original tests, and show the great care I take in making sure everything is right before I post the review.
Here are just two crops at F/2.8 and 75mm.  You can see the Sony has some magenta fringing along the power lines and at the bottom edge of the light fixture.  The foliage in the background is sharper
in the Tamron shot.  Go to the original comparison review and scroll down to the very bottom to see the newest, and last of my Tamron/Sony 75mm standard side-by-side crops. 
Tamron 28-75mm @75mm, F/2.8
Sony 28-75mm @75mm, F/2.8
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