March 14 2010 - Photo Jottings

March 14 2010


Sometimes I mention that you can “short focus” a lens to eke out a little extra sharpness, that is, by focusing in front of the subject a small amount.  In this article I’ve chosen the Sony 20mm F/2.8 because it shows the most gains by doing this than any other lens I’ve tested so far.  The amount of sharpness gain depends on the aperture.  It’s worth doing if you don’t mind taking some time and experimenting on your own.  The usual caveat is; if you don’t pay attention and are sloppy in applying this focusing method, you’ll wind up with a blurry, or totally ruined shot!  However, it is worth trying, and may be especially useful for landscape shooters.

The article called “short focus for sharper shots” has some center crops taken at infinity focus on the left, and on the right the short focused crop showing any improvement.  The image below is only for the Sony 20mm F/2.8 lens, and shows an alternate focus point for each aperture listed, and where
the sharpest image results for that particular aperture, got it?   

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