March 14 2011 - Photo Jottings

March 14 2011


Has anyone ever checked out the gigapixel images out there, usually made by stitching thousands of DSLR shots together to form a single image.  Check these out.  After you look through the top ten or so, you’ll soon discover that they’re…….booooring!!  I guess someone forgot to tell them that size doesn’t matter, especially in photography!  Apparently, in order for the images to look right you have to shoot when the sun is high in the sky, or when it’s cloudy to avoid stepped shadows from sun movement during the long shooting process.  Instead of taking 10k-12k shots to make one image, maybe it could be pared down to a couple hundred, involving much less time, and making it easier to shoot earlier or later in the day when the light makes things more interesting!

There is an alternative to the stitching or mosaic process, like making a single image using one huge piece of film, like these people did.  The shots look good, but this is not something the average person will be able to do.

If you’re interested in trying out digital gigapixel images, (and hopefully making better pictures than the ones you saw from 10,000 shots), check out the automated systems available.

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