March 11 2011 - Photo Jottings

March 11 2011


I forgot to mention in the last entry that I’m probably not going to have the Sigma 70-200mm reviews ready until next month due to problems.  However, check back daily as I have quite a few lens and equipment reviews coming up.

In other news, I’d like to expound on my filter suggestions from the 3/7/11 entry.  The 77mm B+W slim MRC UV haze (clear) filter works very well for lenses with noticeable light fall-off, as this filter doesn’t introduce more, like a regular thick filter might.  It would be good for use on the Sony CZ 24-70mm (info) or 16-35mm, (info).   If you’re outside in harsh conditions, I’d definitelly leave a clear filter on, better to wipe crud off the filter than the lens element.  Indoors or for light outside use, I wouldn’t use a clear type filter because it can cause additional flare and ghosting, although I’d leave the hood on.

I also have a 62mm B+W MRC polarizer, purchased for the CZ 16-80mm, it’s pricey and no better than a Hoya or Tiffen.  I keep a 77mm B+W 1.8 ND filter too, it’s good for 6 stops.  It’s a slim filter, and that’s important if you’re stacking them, sometimes I stack the 1.8 with a .9, (3 stops) for a total of 9 stops, but not very much, that’s a lot of light loss, and a tripod is a must. I don’t use ND filters much, but it’s a good idea to have at least one on hand to take advantage of a special photo opportunity if it presents itself.  Suggested use would be to allow slow shutter speeds for catching movement in subjects like waterfalls, clouds, or cars etc in a bright environment.

B+W filters are expensive.  Most have brass rings and won’t stick to the lens if tightened down too hard as sometimes happens with aluminum rings.  If build quality is important, look carefully at B+W, if that doesn’t concern you, go with Hoya or Tiffen, image quality is just as good IMHO.

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