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Kodak Moment #9, Boulder Manor

Here’s another addition to our Earl Young Storybook homes series from Charlevoix Michigan; this time we visit Boulder Manor, located on Lakeshore Drive, right across the street from Lake Michigan.  Earl Young, a Realtor who enjoyed photography and architecture, designed this, and many other nearby homes mainly during the 1920s through the 50s in the storybook style, using curved wavy roofs, over-sized boulders and local field stone, and the best part; cartoonish looking chimneys and walls topped with ‘frosting,’ see what that treatment looks like here.

Earl Young built this particular home for his family starting in 1928; however, due to the economic collapse in 1929, it wasn’t finished until the late 1930s.  Boulder Manor is probably the most visible and important home Earl Young built in his career; although aside from the huge boulders that form the outer walls, I don’t see any more of the whimsical features that are present in some of his less notable homes, such as this one.  Boulder Manor sold a few  years ago, and here is a link to the listing.  Check out the awful photos showing several different outside views, and the inside too.  See more Earl Young  homes here.

I photographed this home with my trusty Minolta 7000 in the early 2000s.  The picture was taken with the Minolta kit 35-70mm F/4 lens, probably set at 35mm, using Kodak Gold 100 film.

I scanned the negative on a Nikon 9000; fortunately it looks way better than the picture Kodak printed for me when I got them developed, read this post and check out the differences in the Kodak printed picture and the negative I scanned for the story.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and thanks for visiting!

Boulder Manor, Charlevoix, Michigan


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