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Kodak Moment #8, Naneun Keuliseumaseuleul Jibe Galgeoya

or, for our Western audience, Hi Honey, I’ll be home for Christmas…just not this Christmas.

Today’s Kodachrome slide entry was taken in war torn Korea around Christmas of 1952. The subject is a Korean Radio Tech making a call on a Voice Terminal Bay at a Chonan (later spelled Cheonon) repeater station; I actually don’t know what he’s saying here, but let’s pretend it’s the title.

The Radio equipment looks pretty cool with the tubes and all, and I’ll guess it’s the latest high tech gear in Korea.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how it works, or exactly what it does.  My Dad operated the equipment, and took the picture; he also identified the location and a few incidentals when I asked before I scanned the slide, but I don’t remember anything about the equipment, and dad is no longer with us.

This Kodachrome image was taken with a Canon IVSB (or earlier model) with 50/1.9 lens, and sent to Hawaii for Kodak to develop. Go here for more info about this Korean Repeater Station.

That’s it for this weeks trip down memory lane, thanks for looking.

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