June 8 2010 - Photo Jottings

June 8 2010


The image below was taken with the Sony 300mm F/2.8 G SSM, F/11, 1/200s, +0.70ev, ISO 200. The subject is a quite large Agave plant underneath a tree with shifting light.  I like the oddly embossed leaves and dark background.  Fully enlarged it looks sharp with nice contrast, but I shot this exact same scene with a cheap Minolta lens and there wasn’t too much difference. I made some minor lighting adjustments, and that’s it.

Fortunately, you don’t need a $6000 lens to shoot an interesting scene at F/11. In fact, the Sony 70-400mm would produce a nearly identical image at F/11, and you’d save about $4500.  BTW, I took this shot when I was reviewing the Sony 300mm lens, I don’t own it. 
A900, Sony 300mm SSM G, F/11, 1/200 sec, +0.70ev, ISO 200
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