June 10 2010 - Photo Jottings

June 10 2010


Sony surreptitiously unveils a couple of updated entry-level cameras.  The basic differences from each other: the A390 has live view and a tilting screen, and costs $100 more.  Both are now 14.2mp.  Release date set for July.

I’m still scratching my head and wondering when Sony is going to come out with the A700 replacement.  I’m reading over my Canon and Nikon camera brochures right now and can’t help but think I’ll have to bail on Sony for my business related photography, which requires some pro features, but most of the time not 24mp.  My nearly three year old A700 has been worn out for about a year now, the control wheels are almost useless, and the AF system is not right.  Of course I could use my A900, but why should I burn through one of those every year or two when I don’t have too? 

Top is A290, bottom, A390
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