July 22 2013 - Photo Jottings

July 22 2013


A great hiking tripod.

I bought one of these Sirui T-025X carbon fibre tripods for hiking because it comes in a less than 2lbs, (.85kg) with head!  Plus, it’s almost full height, extending to 54.5″ (139cm).  It’s made in China, but the quality is very good.  Nice features include leg warmers, separate pan and tilt head with quick release plate, and (oddly unmentioned in product overview) position index window, (great
for panoramas), removable center column for lower level work, independent three position leg movement, and folds to less thana foot long, (30cm).  It comes with a nice carrying bag with shoulder straps.

I’m going to post a review of this tripod in the near future.  So far, it’s performed great with a Sony NEX and MFT camera with small lenses with the legs fully extended.  I did some Infra-red work and had no problems with movement at long 5+ second exposures.  However, using a full sized DSLR with zoom lens may be a bit much for this unless used lower to the ground.
This tripod is fairly expensive, but well worth it if you carry a tripod around for hiking or low light street shooting; if you just need something decent for keeping in your car for those occasional camera outings, go for a less expensive one.
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