July 14 2013 - Photo Jottings

July 14 2013


Updated pages and review cameras.

A few readers asked if I was going to add the Sigma 35/1.4 DG lens and 60/2.8 NEX to the ‘Best low-light lenses page’ and the answer is yes for the 35/1.4, and no for the 60/2.8 NEX.  The only issue keeping the 60mm off the page is that there is no image stabilization, and using /2.8 with pretty tight coverage is going to be tough; especially hand-held.  However, if you have a Micro 4/3 camera with stabilization, then I would recommend it for low-light work.

It looks like the new Zeiss Touit lenses might be good enough at large apertures to be added to the list too, but I haven’t reviewed those yet.  Hopefully, I can get those reviewed within
the next month or so.

Some people get mad at me for continuing to use the outdated Sony NEX-C3 for my reviews, but here’s the deal; I’m ready to buy another one, but I’m waiting for the NEX-7 replacement, so whenever that camera gets released, I’ll get it and use it for testing.  Pretty much the same thing for full frame, I’m still using the A900 which is essentially top of the line at low ISOs, but I want to wait for the mirrorless design to come out, that way I’ll have the newest camera technology for testing the latest Sony lenses.
Testing lenses tends to be very expensive, not to mention time consuming, that’s why I encourage you to use my links to B&H photo for all your goodies, not just camera gear.  Without affiliate programs this site would not continue to be updated.  I could always just forget the site and go after more photo work and make more money, but it’s fun to review the latest gear, and chat with people from all over the world, and sometimes that results in ideas on how I can be a better photographer, without having to spend extra money, that’s basically the purpose of this site!  Last but not least; a big thanks to all the folks that support this site!
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