January 24 2011 - Photo Jottings

January 24 2011


 Readers are always asking me about what camera or lenses etc are best for them, or if it’s a good deal.  It’s really hard to answer questions like that, because I don’t know what’s important to them, and what their expectations are, but I can make some personal recommendations about what I think is highly useful, and offers a very good value, and in many cases it’s the stuff I use on a daily basis.  So the difference between this page and the quick lens evaluation page is that the “recommended gear” page lists a few things that I really like, the other page has my overall “take” on camera lenses only.

The new page will be located on the nav bar right under the “home” link.

I’m only listing what is currently available from Sony and the after-market manufacturers such as Tamron.  However, there are a lot of older Minolta lenses and accessories that are good too, but they’re no longer in production, and finding good copies may be difficult. 

This page will be updated as I use and evaluate newer equipment and decide I like it, and when the older stuff is discontinued by Sony.  

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