January 15 2009 - Photo Jottings

January 15 2009


Check out the review of a “really wide” wide-angle zoom lens, the Sigma 12-24mm F/4.5-5.6.  I got carried away again, (didn’t I just say that?) and posted quite a few pictures, so dial up users be patient. I finally lucked out and picked up a good Sigma lens without having to send it back immediately for warranty work!  One outta four ain’t bad.  Full frame ultra wide-angle nuts need to go out and buy this lens, it turned in a very good performance, though the focusing is not as good as Sony, but that’s normal.

This lens has been reviewed on other sites, and they didn’t give it a very high rating, usually soft corner issues, big deal.  If you understand the limitations of a lens like this, you’ll appreciate the optical performance much more.  The corners are pretty good on my copy, even with full frame coverage.  It has typical Sigma flare like the 10-20mm, but there’re ways to mitigate that.  Click the picture to read the review and see if this lens is right for you. 

Click for review.
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