February 5 2013 - Photo Jottings

February 5 2013


Instant savings on NEX-5R, 6 and 7, and A77.

The Sony NEX-7 (body only) has an instant savings of $200, and the Sony A77 $300, (body only) ending Feb 9th.  Also included in the saving: I may go for the NEX-5R $548 or NEX-6 $748 as an upgrade to my crummy NEX-C3, I just don’t care for that camera, it doesn’t fit my hand and the controls are not where I want them.  Factoid: the best deal out of the bunch is the NEX-5R!  If you’re wanting to jump on the NEX bandwagon and don’t have a whole lot of cash or credit, now would be the time.  I’m guessing the more expensive new models with the same guts as the old models will be out soon.

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