February 11 2013 - Photo Jottings

February 11 2013


Sony NEX 35/1.8 OSS review!

The Sony NEX 35mm F/1.8 OSS (check price) lens is another welcome addition to the NEX family, producing sharp images with good contrast at most apertures, smooth bokeh, and almost no distortion.  Build quality as well as fit and finish are quite good, and don’t forget the useful OSS (optical stabilization) built in.  There are a couple of qualities I’d like to see improved, go to the conclusion for more info.
Currently, there isn’t much available in this focal length and speed (with auto-focus) for your NEX camera unless you include the Sigma 30/2.8.  With that said, which is better if you’re a landscape shooter and don’t need the speed?  Read on 
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