February 20 2011 - Photo Jottings

February 20 2011


Check out the minor site make-over, the second column is new, it’s only on the homepage
though.  I’m trying to make the site more user friendly, with quicker access to the most popular pages, and more useful camera and accessories links, which you should notice in red text at the top right.  This is the 3rd, and last version of this website, with a whole new site coming later in the year.  You probably noticed I dropped the blog, I thought updating two sites with the same info isn’t a good use of time IMHO, although it did offer visitor comments.  Well, that’ll be available on the new site. 

If you’re wondering what happened to the Sony and Minolta off-camera flash page, it wound up going to the January homepage archives, without a link on the homepage, sorry.  I have a picture link now on the right.

Some people are telling me they’re seeing the same soft mid-sections as I reported on the CZ 24/2 review, and some are saying quality control is spotty on that lens, and I got a bad copy.  I’ve had really good luck with quality control on Sony lenses, but there’s always a possibility that something is mis-aligned or out of adjustment on a few samples. I think I’ll wait for the shelves to clear of the current batch, then try another copy after Sony finishes a second run, and see what happens.  I’d like to mention too, that shooting test charts may not show the same results as focusing on something farther away, say 10′ (3m) or more.

You may have noticed nothing new has been added to the Reader’s Digest page lately; I’m so busy generating new articles and reviews I’m unfortunately having to neglect that part of the site. I always answer my mail, it just isn’t being shared like I thought it should.

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