December 28 2011 - Photo Jottings

December 28 2011


New site!

I finally have the new site up and running, check it out!  It’ll be far more useful and informative than this site because I’ll be able to post full sized test images from new cameras and lenses etc, take polls to see what you’re most interested in, allow comments and images sent by visitors, and also post larger, and more in-depth interior photography tutorials.  Right now, I only have a few basic articles, so the site is somewhat bare, however, this will change quickly as I plan on posting updates far more frequently than I do here.

The comments are active on the first couple of posts at, so feel free to chime in just to let me know how well the system works.  It’s supposed to work seamlessly with Facebook, Google, twitter and Yahoo, so if you already have one of those accounts, it shouldn’t take but a few seconds to start posting. Let me know how easy (or hard) it is to navigate the site, use comments, and the contact form.

All updates are supposed to show up on my new Facebook page, so we’ll see how that works.  I’m new to facebook, so I really don’t understand yet the way in which the average person uses it, and what the benefits are.

From now on, I’ll be posting all new material to  For the sake of continuity I’ll still post new lens reviews to this site until I figure out how to transfer everything over, and that may take some time.

The ‘about’ page is blank at the moment but the site will be devoted to providing useful information to Sony SLR, SLT, and NEX users, people interested in interior/Real Estate photography, photo related product reviews, and taking better pictures without spending much money, that’s what I like!  I’m also planning on posting old film images from my own collection occasionally, and better yet, high quality scanned images from the Library of Congress that shows what photographers (and cameras) could do 100 years ago with 8×10′ glass negatives—it’s unbelievable!

Note: will continue on as you see it; nothing significant will change except there will be no more general updates.

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