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Sony RX10IV on sale now

Get $500 off the Sony A9 here, and $300 off A7II here

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Pentax ME Super review

Are you looking for a small interchangeable lens 35mm camera that will work without batteries? One that you can actually stick in your pocket with a small lens? Look no further than the excellent Pentax ME Super camera.

This popular model from Pentax was made from the very late 1970s to the mid 1980s, and was probably discontinued due to …

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Polaroid one step; great for budding artists

I'm always glad to see more instant analog cameras coming out, and now we can add the once very popular Polaroid One Step back to the current inventory of cameras that shoot out an image that develops by itself.  Of course there are Zink cameras, but they simply print from the digital camera memory, not from the actual scene or film from the camera; this difference is very important to a real artist.  As Polaroid correctly states on their boxes; It takes a moment and turns it into something you can hold, something you can share, something real!

A minor down side to all this fun; don't get to crazy with the shutter button, it'll cost you north of $2 a shot for good film.

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Me want…..

Cookies!! Quick snap of a prickly pear cactus pad that resembles the cookie monster from Sesame Street!…

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Now more than 90+ lenses available for your Sony FE cameras

Sigma has two new lenses (14/1.8 and 24-70/2.8) with factory supplied adapters for Sony FE cameras; these new additions bring the total factory adapted lenses to 10+, and native FE system lenses to over 80.  We now have over 90 lenses to choose from for our Sony FE cameras; so is that enough? Unfortunately, I don't think so.  Most of the lenses are wide to mid length primes, with very few zoom telephoto options right now, and zero telephoto primes over 135mm.

Sony a9 with free Sandisk 128gb extreme pro UHS-II SDXC here.

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Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN Review

Sigma's website claims this lens 'cannot be bad, because it is the latest lens,' well, that's an odd way to put it, but they were right, at least in this case!

The Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN is a fast 'normal' lens for your APS-C and micro four thirds cameras.  It's slightly on the wide side of 'normal' for APS-C users, about 45mm in 135 film format, and on the long side for MFT users, with an 'equivalent' focal length of 60mm in 135 (full frame) format.

The technical image quality is very high; F/1.4 is totally usable even for landscape photography in low light, and there is no noticeable coma in the far corners!  Other positives include low axial color fringing, (but not lateral), and a simple distortion pattern which is easy to correct in post processing when shooting RAW.  I should also mention the very reasonable price, especially for this kind of performance.

There are a couple of negatives for pixel peepers...

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New review lens


The Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN will be the first APS-C lens I’ve reviewed in almost three years.  I like the focal length on the smaller sensor, and the coverage is about 45mm in 135 format.

I’ll have some full resolution test shots up in a few days.…

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Today’s blast from the past; Glory Dimples and Lard Whistlers!


click picture for larger size.

Let’s do a little window shopping today, shall we?  Think we might need a box of Glory Dimples?  Or maybe some Kyanize enamel paint to touch up those worn out balls!!  Other items of interest: Otter Bait Pail, re-purposed as a ball washer perhaps; and in the right lower corner some cone shaped tees …

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