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Cosina -Voightlander lenses for Sony FE

Cosina announces three Voightländer branded lenses for Sony mirrorless full frame cameras; one was actually announced last year, but now they have ‘improved’ the specifications and appearance and added the other two.  The release date and price is yet unknown, and for all we know it could be another year before they are widely available. I’ve used Voightländer lenses on film cameras, but not with digital, so we’ll see after I review them.

35mm F/1.4, likely an eight element (8/6) lens that looks quite small, no official specs yet or price.

40mm F/1.2, another small, yet fast lens, no idea of the optical formula, no official specs yet or price.

65mm F/2 Macro APO Lanthar; a fancy Voightländer heritage name with nifty red-green-blue hash marks.  Half macro size 1:2.  No official specs or price.

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