August 7 2009 - Photo Jottings

August 7 2009


I’m back folks, and the move across town has been completed!!  I now reside in Oro Valley, just north of Tucson.  I was living in the northeast part of Tucson (Catalina Foothills) before.  I’m very close to a great hike now, Pusch peak, which goes from 2700′ to 5350′ (823m-1631m) in elevation in less than two miles (3.2km), that’s a lung buster if you do it in an hour or less-one way!!

I had several reasons for selling my house, thought I won’t bore you with that yet.  I thought the time was right to put it on the market, and it worked out as I sold mine in 30 days to cash buyers!  They wanted me out of the house fast, so I’m now in an apartment for the short term.  The reason I left the foothills area is this apartment in Oro Valley was the only place that had a good view, and could accommodate a quick move-in.  I’ll post some final shots of the old house and some new shots of the apt complex with more info in the coming days.

Up next is a short guide to taking product shots.  I’m no expert, but many people write and ask what I use for lighting and camera equipment, and how I post-process the images.  This guide should clear things up.  On a side note; the pictures in this guide and some of the up-coming lens reviews will be from the old house, because that’s where I started the review.

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