August 19 2013 - Photo Jottings

August 19 2013


Zeiss 50/1.4 SSM conclusion. 

The Sony CZ 50/1.4 review is finished!  I spent a lot of time with the conclusion; going over full sized images from the Sigma and Sony 50/1.4 reviews, and trying to extrapolate the differences with the Zeiss.  In some cases I photographed the same subjects from the reviews, but the light is never quite the same at different times of the year, so posting a comparison is probably not going to be very helpful for most people.  I think I was able to extract enough information from all the different test shots to come up with a fairly accurate prediction of how the three lenses would compare to each other.
People on a budget will be pleasantly surprised that the Sigma 50/1.4 HSM will resolve about the same as the Zeiss at all apertures, but in most other areas, the Zeiss is superior.  Read the conclusion for more thoughts.
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