August 12 2013 - Photo Jottings

August 12 2013


Sony Carl Zeiss 50/1.4 SSM review posted… 

…but it’s not quite finished.   I have the conclusion to do yet, plus I want to take it out one or two more times for some follow-up testing and some possible comps—not sure yet though.  The additional material will not effect the overall review, so feel free to come to your own conclusions;
it should be clear as to how the lens performs by looking at the images and reading the text.  Rockwell does this all the time, and it actually makes sense to post the review as long as you indicate the ‘yet to be completed’ text blocks. Sometimes I don’t have the time to completely finish the review in a timely manner, but it’s mostly done, so….. here it is!
I should have the Sony CZ 50/1.4 review finalized this week sometime, and will start on the Zeiss Touit 18mm!
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