April 29 2013 - Photo Jottings

April 29 2013


Shakin’ down the Sony NEX 20/2.8.

I’ve been testing out the new 20/2.8 pancake from Sony over the last couple of weeks.  Now I have to start writing up the review.  I can say at this point it’s much sharper than the 16/2.8 at all apertures, but it is a different focal length, so a direct comparison is not all that helpful.  In a nutshell, it’s what the 16mm should have been in the first place.  The new slit type hood from the
20mm will fit the 16mm without much vignetting, and I suppose the fisheye and super wide angle adapters will work also, but the fisheye effect will probably just look like really bad distortion, and the super wide angle adapter will cover around 22-23mm equivalent in 135 film format instead of 18mm as the first pancake did.  Has anyone tested those on the NEX 20/2.8?

Look for the review in a week or so.

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