April 22 2013 - Photo Jottings

April 22 2013


Sony “shoot what you love” video series, and other news.

Sony created a new video series called “shoot what you love” now available at creativelive.com, check it out.  There are four programs, one on Monday; three on Wednesday, and I believe you can view them free during the live broadcast, with purchasing available if you miss them or don’t have time to watch.  I have nothing to do with these videos, I’m just pointing them out for people that may be interested.

Leica guys will be interested in a new macro adapter from Panasonic Lumix for your 180mm APO Elmar S F/3.5 lens.  Buy it with the leica logo for $1450, or Panasonic Lumix branded for $79.

Folks waiting for the new Plustek Opticfilm 120 film scanner are SOL.  Aparently, Plustek is have
serious difficulty with the quality control on the fixed focusing system, so most dealers have pulled the plug on this baby, inlcuding B&H Photo.  Plustek promised this scanner would be the greatest thing since sliced bread; and ready for purchase in the fall of 2012.  I’m glad I bought a new Nikon 9000 when they were still available, that’s the last good consumer film scanner made, and it was discontinued quite a few years ago.  So for you serious film users, your only good option for a new scanner currently is the Hasselblad X1 or X5.

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