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Agfa Reflex (Flexilette) review

This odd looking beast is known as an Agfa Reflex in the Americas, or Flexilette in Europe and surrounding areas.  It's quite large and heavy for a 135 (35mm) format camera, and one of the few TLR 'twin lens reflex' 35mm cameras made.  This was an impulse ebay purchase, and thankfully it showed up in good overall shape, and works correctly.

The gigantic circular front protrusion houses two lenses, one for taking the picture, and one for setting the composition and focus.   The taking lens is an Agfa Color Apotar 45mm F/2.8 three element type, and is surprisingly sharp with a smooth background blur, see pictures below.

The real oddity here is not just the two lenses in front, it's the viewfinder that springs up and allows you to see a bright ground glass reversed image, along with the split image rangefinder patch in the middle.  The viewfinder even comes with a handy swing-up focus magnifier, which makes precise focusing easy.  The owner's manual suggests different shooting situations where this type of viewfinder would come in handy; such as holding it over your head upside down to shoot over a crowd or fence, or at ground level while in a crouch position, or even sneaking shots around a corner so no one can see you...

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Sony 500mm F/8 Reflex Lens Review

Here’s a brief look at the Sony 500mm F/8 reflex lens.  Scroll down for the review. Lens SAL-500F80  Sony 500mm F/8 reflex super telephoto Box contents
Rear cap, vinyl lens cover with drawstrings, users manual and two filters, a clear and ND4 filter. Cost $649 retail, discontinued around 2010. Build quality Good Additional information
Has focus hold button and built-in…

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