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Sony FE 28/2 full size resolution samples

Just some quick full resolution samples for you to check out. These pics are probably not the ones that will be in the review because I don’t like the way the bottom of the image is dark, and the foliage in the foreground is a bit too close for comparisons, the depth of field comes in to play here, and I usually try to avoid that.

The samples below are taken in RAW, and converted directly to Jpegs, no adjustments have been made. I used a tripod, and focused on the houses in the center.

Based on other reviews and samples I’ve looked at, I didn’t think this lens was going to be all that great, but the pics here look pretty darn good in the centers wide open, and the whole image looks pretty sharp at F/4 and up.

Click the buttons below for full size samples using the Sony A7R.  Phone and tab users may have to download the image before you’re able to view them at 7360×4912 pixels.  Please note: mobile devices most likely will not show the full quality of the images.

Sony FE 28mm F/2    B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.

Sony Fisheye converter.    B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.

Sony Ultra wide converter.     B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.


Click button, then zoom or right click the picture to download.

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