September 9 2009 - Photo Jottings

September 9 2009


Check out the Minolta AF 50mm F/3.5 macro review.  This light-weight and initially low-price macro lens was not very popular with Minolta AF users, and as a result, prices are steep for this somewhat slow, half-size macro.  It’s also one of the few lenses where Minolta wrote the filter size on the barrel.  A good trivia question would be, “how many Minolta AF lenses have the filter size written on the barrel”?  I’m thinking 7-8.  I’ve included a bonus section in the review comparing this lens to the Sony 50mm F/2.8 macro.

There are a couple of outstanding characteristics of this lens; the distortion is flat, even with full frame coverage, and color fringing is very low.  Unfortunately, there are a few downers as well, including very soft corners with full frame use.    On an APS-C camera, this would be a good pocket macro for field work, but that may be short lived depending on how the new Sony DT 30mm macro performs.
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