September 5 2011 - Photo Jottings

September 5 2011


When is ‘wide’ too wide?

This image is from the Sony A700; yes I promised to stop showing stuff from that ‘old’ camera, but I thought this picture could help illustrate the difference between wide, and too wide.

The shot below was taken several years ago shortly after I bought the Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens. Prior to that point I had been using the Sony 24-105mm F/3.5-4.5 with the A900.

This image is too wide in my opinion.  Like most people, after I bought that Sigma 10-20mm ultra-wide lens I thought it was really neat to take pictures at 10mm, that’s a big mistake.  This tiny bathroom is rendered nicely here, and the client was very happy, but the hard convergence to the left produced by using a super wide focal length of 10mm (15mm in full frame terms) bothers me, do you notice it or not?  Does it bother you?

There were no flashes used for this shot, it was a three shot HDR if I remember correctly.  It could’ve used some supplemental lighting, but I wasn’t skilled at off camera flash at the time.  I cloned out a light in the shower stall because it was oblong from the corner rendering, and I used some simple shadows/highlights adjustments to complete the final image. 

a really ‘wide’ image
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