September 30 2009 - Photo Jottings

September 30 2009


I thought maybe I’d send my A700 back to Sony for repairs, it’s out of warranty as I bought it in 1/08.  I’m having problems with the control dials and wide auto-focusing.  The Sony service department informed me they charge $458 for a “flat rate” repair, which doesn’t include “excessive wear” from misuse or commercial use, repairing that’ll cost extra.  I asked them to try and define “excessive wear,” unfortunately, they declined.  I’ve got about 22k shots on it, but I wouldn’t consider that excessive-but they may.  If I send it in, it might end up costing me almost the same as a new one, which now retails for $899.  What bothers me is the warranty is only 90 days, and if anything goes wrong after that period, I guess you pay another $458+shipping.  If there’s anything that’s excessive, it’s the repair charge.  I’m lucky I have another camera.  I think I’ll try to get by as long as possible with the problems, then buy a new one when it gets replaced(!).  FYI, the A900 costs $508 for the “flat rate repair.”

Below is the text from the Sony customer service page after I entered the model number.

Repair Service Information

The cost to repair this unit under our Flat Rate Program is $458.00, (plus any applicable taxes). Return shipping is included in this price.

Based upon the information you have entered, your unit appears to qualify for the Flat Rate pricing quoted above. Not covered under our Flat Rate pricing is the following:

  1. Units requiring replacement of display devices*
  2. Internal corrosion or moisture damage
  3. Cosmetic parts **
  4. Physical abuse.
  5. Misuse or excessive wear. ***
  6. Units older than seven (7) years from last market date.
  7. Damage resulting from prior service.

If upon examination, it is determined that your unit does not qualify for Flat Rate pricing, then a parts and/or labor repair quote will be given to you. If you approve your estimate, payment must be made in order to proceed with repair. If you refuse your estimate, you can elect to have your unit disposed at our facility or your unit can be returned to you for a nominal fee. All repaired units will be returned to you with a 90 day part and labor warranty covering the entire unit.

During the course of the repair of your unit, it is possible that data, software or other materials stored or preserved on your unit will be lost or reformatted. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software or any other material. If you are not comfortable with performing this backup process, we suggest that you contact a service professional. Sony does not perform this type of service and will not be responsible for any damage or loss of material.

* Projection and TV picture tubes, optical blocks, Plasma panels and LCD panels

** Cosmetic parts (such as: cabinets)

*** Product used commercially or used in a manner other than intended or designed.

The parts used in your repair may be new or reconditioned. Reconditioned parts meet the same factory specifications for new parts and are their functional equivalent.

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