September 3 2009 - Photo Jottings

September 3 2009


I’ve added yet another new page to the site, it’s called the Sony and Minolta DSLR brochures page, and it contains PDF pamphlets from Sony and Konica Minolta with current and past lenses and other accessories.  So far there are only two.  If you have other relevant brochures of this type, please contact me to see if I can use them. I’m only adding stuff that isn’t normally available on the web.  For some reason, Sony is behind on their website information, or doesn’t have the brochures here posted, or doesn’t feel the need to offer them, oh well, I guess I’ll do it for them since I’m such a nice person.  Other nice people are Michel from Holland, and Miguel from Norway, both of which I’d like to thank for scanning and converting the files for the new page.  Also thanks to Theo from parts unknown for a scanned copy of the Minolta AF 500mm reflex lens, which I’ve added to the Minolta AF lens manuals page.  Sending useful information like this is a good way to help support the site, and continue to help others.

I’ve added the link to the Sony DSLR Global site to the box above, in green text.  The link takes you to the lens section, but there is a tab for regional markets, cameras, lenses and accessories.  I’m adding it just for convenience, as sometimes I like to check things out while I’m messing with the site.
Just a random thought; it’s been almost a year since Sony let the 24-105mm F/3.5-4.5 die.  It took almost a year for the stock to disappear, It isn’t even available now from most stores (at least in the
US).  Of course, you can still get it used on eBay.  I thought we’d get some news about a new mid-range zoom to replace it, but instead it’s the 28-75mm F/2.8, mentioned by me a few days back, and affectionately refereed to as the same tamron, or Konica Minolta from yesteryear.  We’ll see.  There was some talk about a 24-105mm F/4 SSM back about a year ago, so I guess that rumour was bad.
I sent the home page news from May and June to the home page archives, so if you saw something from those months, and now you can’t find it, check the archives out first.
Up next will probably be a review of the little, odd, and somewhat rare Minolta AF 50mm F/3.5 macro lens.  The new Sony DT 30mm macro may send that little macro to pasture, stay tuned!
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