September 23 2010 - Photo Jottings

September 23 2010


Some folks are wondering about the flash extension for the 18-200mm NEX lens.  I talked to a US Sony sales rep, and he told me that the flash extension is only included with the purchase of a NEX camera and 18-200mm lens, in kit form, (NEX5H).  All other purchases, like the 18-200mm alone, or in conjunction with a NEX camera kit, (18-55mm/16mm) will require you to purchase the flash extender separately.  If you go here, you’ll discover in order to take proper flash pictures with the 18-200mm, you’ll need to fork over an additional $63, (or more like $70 with shipping and tax) for what Sony is calling an extender assy for dig camera, shown below.  You’ll also discover that the extender is on backorder, and will not be available until at least October, according to the rep I talked with.

I consider this marketing scheme (US, not sure of other regions) to be a bit sketchy for an $800 lens, and a price of $63 for a simple molded piece of material (probably ABS) is a massive profit generator, and a rip-off in my opinion.  I encourage everyone that buys the lens to call Sony service
and ask why it isn’t included.
Sony NEX flash extension
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