September 21 2008 - Photo Jottings

September 21 2008


Finally, a new review for a change.  Ready for your consumption is the Minolta AF 50mm F/1.7 review.  This little lens is found on eBay in the $150 range, though sometimes off-hour auctions end with bids for less than $100.  The reviewed lens is a restyled version from the 1990s, but original versions are basically the same.  If you’re thinking you might like a fast, low-light lens without spending much money, this would be a great choice. I had the Sony 50mm F/1.4 on hand, so I made a few comparisons, it’s 2/3 of a stop faster, and about twice the price.
Up next will be the Minolta AF 24-50mm F/4, and the comparison kit lens review, all final (hopefully) by the first week of next month, keep your fingers crossed!
Sorry to all you people using IE, my columns were all messed up.  I edit the site using Firefox VR, and everything looks good there, but I didn’t check compatibility with Internet explorer 7.  I made some adjustments, and things should be ok now.
Also, be advised, Sony quietly lowered the price of the 35mm F/1.4 by $100, now it’s a cheap $1299.  When you lower the price, it means they weren’t selling many, and had them over-priced in the first place.
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