September 16 2009 - Photo Jottings

September 16 2009


Check out the new “Bokeh sampler page.”  I think you’ll find some interesting comparisons and tidbits about Bokeh, which is the character of out-of-focus highlights, and how they are rendered.  Bokeh can change with aperture, focal length, (zooms), from foreground to background, and from image center to corner for starters.  Bokeh is very complex and mysterious, and as a result, I have plenty of “pichers” so everyone can understand at least some of it, including myself.  I also discus the cause of the bewildering “swirling” or “spinning” bokeh which most people are unaware of.  This new page will be listed in the Lens reviews page, under Sigma/misc reviews.

One of my visitors says he bought a new Sony A850 this weekend, so I guess Sony released some before they did themselves…odd.  You never know what they’re going to do.  Hopefully, the two new lenses will be available shortly.
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