September 12 2010 - Photo Jottings

September 12 2010


Has Sony pulled the plug on the Carl Zeiss 24mm F/2 lens?  It does not appear anywhere on their site as of 21:44, 9/12/10 EST.  Apparently, Sony’s US website was down on Saturday for maintenance(?)  As I was trying to update some links to the CZ 24mm F/2 lens I noticed it was gone on the Carl Zeiss lens page.  Could it be a mistake?  Or is Sony having troubles again?  Since last week, Sony has very quietly pulled the A560, A580 and CZ 24mm F/2 from their US website, I’m not sure about other places.  Very strange actions here.  I remember the date when the CZ 16-80mm was promised, and it ended up being released six months late.

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