September 1 2010 - Photo Jottings

September 1 2010


Wow, it’s September already, and summer is over!  Now, and through the fall I’ll be messing around with the text fonts here, seeing which one I like, and will eventually use for the new site design. I’ve been using Verdana mostly since I started the site, but I’ve grown to like Trebuchet MS, which has better looking kerning, with a different character aspect ratio, and most importantly makes it look like I’m writing more!  I do notice it looks best when viewed at normal to larger sizes.  You’re reading Trebuchet MS right now.

If you want a good laugh, go to Sony’s US website and visit this page, where they describe (in the features tab) the new 85mm F/2.8 lens as a standard/medium zoom Carl Zeiss design that would work great using the A100 and super steadyshot system!!  Also, check out the butchered description of the new DT 35mm F/1.8, where they list it as a wide angle zoom lens with an ultra-bright F/1.4 aperture(!)  One final chuckle for you; go here (no link now), where you’ll find the new CZ 24mm F/2 described as a 24-70mm zoom.  Obviously, they’re using pages from other lenses and are forgetting to change the descriptions. Still, Sony should have enough money to hire competent people to take care of this stuff.  Sloppy work like this doesn’t help Sony boost themselves in the intermediate/pro DSLR market, although amateurs won’t notice it.

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