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Revised Minolta AF 135mm F/2.8 review

Tired of paying thousands of dollars for the new ‘GM’ and Zeiss lenses from Sony?  I am!!!  It’s getting freakin ridiculous!  Let’s begin to re-visit some of the old Minolta AF lenses and see if we can get some bargains.

I’ve updated the Minolta AF 135mm F/2.8 review by adding some full resolution shots from the A900 and A580 cameras, go to the bottom of the review and click on the yellow tabs for each camera.

This little lens will fully function on the latest Sony mirrorless camera with these adapters, even auto focus!  This Minolta 135/2.8 offers outstanding performance for the price, eBay runs around $100-$300 USD depending on condition.

When I looked at the full size images a few days ago, I was surprised at  how good this lens performed overall.  It works surprisingly well at F/4, (it can handle a high megapixel sensor), very sharp with only a little color fringing, almost no distortion, and did I mention it’s cheap?


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